The purpose of this book is to inspire you with many examples of applying ‘Less is Beautiful’ within your own professional life. As a consequence, I have visited an enormous amount of websites and blogs; watched dozens of youtube movies; been in touch with many people; read many articles, discovered several great slideshares and buried myself in a few books to create this book. To honor the authors and sources of all this inspiration, I’ve made a list of the most important sources - in random order.



• 7 habits of effective people, Stephen Covey (2004)

• 7 levels of change, by Rolf Smith (2007)

• Essential Zen, by Kazuaki Tanahasi (1995)

• Flip the Funnel, by Joseph Jaffe (2010)

• Great to Cool and  Cool is Hot, by René C.W. Boender (2013)

• Insanely simple, by Ken Segall (2013)

• Ja en Nee, Realiseren wat de moeite waard is met de Wildoe methode, by Jim van den Beuken (2013)

• Olifantenpaadjes, by Jan-Dirk van der Burg (2011)

• Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds (2011)

• Making ideas happen, by Scott Belsky (2010)

• Made to Stick, by Dan and Chip Heath (2007)

• Simple, by Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn (2013)

• Six-Word Memoir® from SMITH Magazine (2008)

• Slack, by Tom DeMarco (2002)

• Timespiration, by Cyriel Kortleven (2012)

• The Laws of simplicity, John Maeda (2006)

• The One Thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan (2013)

• The new normal, by Peter Hinssen (2010)

• The Myth of Multitasking, by Dave Crenshaw (2008)

• The paradox of choice, by Barry Schwartz (2004)

• Yes and … Your Business, Gijs van Bilsen, Joost Kadijk and Cyriel Kortleven (2013)



• Alan Siegel - President and CEO and Irene Etzkorn - Chief Clarity Strategist at Siegelvision ( @AlanSiegel @Irene_Etzkorn

• Annet Goltstein, certified facilitator of change-projects at Cream Consult, (

• Avinash Chandarana - Group Learning and Development Director at MCI ( @avochanman

• Ben Shaffer - Studio Director of the Innovation Kitchen and Matthew Kneller - Communications Manager at NIKE (

• Dan & Chip Heath - Speakers and Authors of 3 bestellers at Heathbrothers (

• Fredrik Härén - Author and Speaker on Business Creativity ( @fredrikharen

• Hilde Cerstelotte - Head of Department Coaching Worksimplicifaction at Colruyt Group ( @colruytgroup

• Jim van den Beuken - Founder Planetree Netherlands and Author of the ‘Do Want matrix’ (

• Johan D’Haeseleer - Speaker, Trainer and Coach at ExtraTijd ( @JohanDhaeseleer

• Joost Callens - CEO at Durabrik ( @Durabrik

• Joost Kadijk - Initiator and Specialist multiparty collaboration at JB Lorenz ( @YoastKadijk

• Jos de Blok - Director at Buurtzorg ( @josdeblok

• Joseph Jaffe – CEO and Co-Founder at Evol8tion ( @jaffejuice

• Josh Reich - Founder and Krista Berlincourt - Communications Manager at Simple ( @i2pi

• Julius Solaris - Founder and Editor at eventmanagerblog ( @tojulius

• Karen Van Heuckelom - talent and employability coach at 45+perspectief ( @KarenVHeuckelom

• Kevin Groen - nudger and storyteller at !eading Green (

• Koen De Vos, facilitator and author of Brainstormen. 50.000 ideeën per dag (

• Koen Marichal - Director Future Leadership Initiative at Antwerp Management School ( @KoenMarichal

• Kristof De Wulf - CEO at InSites Consulting ( @kristofdewulf

• Larry Smith - founder and editor of SMITH Magazine, home of Six-Word Memoirs® ( @sixwords

• Léon Dingemans, founder Creadief, Advice for people to perform better (

• Liane van de Vrugt - Lawyer at VédéVé Legal (

• Marc Heleven - innovation websearcher and ideaDJ at 7ideas ( @7ideas

• Maike Somers, Librarian in residence, Locus ( @maike_somers

• Marco Hulleman - Major Royal Netherlands Army and Head of Research & Development, Land Warfare Centre - Simulation Centre (

• Marco van den Ouden - General Director and Martijn de Bruin, Marketing Manager at Datlinq ( @Datlinq

• Mark Raison, Facilitator in strategy, in creativity and impossible at Yellow Ideas ( @Mark_Raison

• Martine Vanremoortele - Process Artist at Visual Harvesting ( @martinevr

• Nico Orie - Global Integration and Change lead HR Simplified at Philips ( @nico_orie

• Patryk and Kasia Wezowski - Founders Centre for Body Language ( @pwezowski

• Peter Hinssen - CEO Across and speaker & author ( @hinssen

• Ramon Vullings - speaker, innovation expert and ideaDJ at ( @RamonVullings

• Renate Mijling, Gijs Nooteboom, Luc Kamperman - Partners Veldhoen + Company ( @VeldhoenCompany

• René C.W. Boender - Brain agent, Trendteller, speaker and author ( @reneboender

• Scott Belsky - co-founder and Head of Behance, VP products-Community at Adobe ( @scottbelsky

• Thierry Geerts - Country Director at Google Belgium ( @ThGeerts

• Tom de Ruyck - head of research communities at InSites Consulting (  @tomderuyck

• Willem Stortelder - creativity expert, paradigm shifter and caretaker of the inner child at (

• Wouter Torfs - CEO at Torfs Schoenen ( @WouterTorfs


WEBSITES & BLOGS (go for a wonderwalk) (general inspiration) (get rid of your stuff) (every year a new leader) (inspiration from third world countries) (yes and ... lessosn from improv) (iSimple) (the power of empty space) (general inspiration) (the single dish menu) (the single dish menu) (organized chaos or chaotic organization) (decentralized neighbourhood care) (who needs a shop anyway?) (simplicity can improve your health) (comparison sites) (who needs a shop anyway?) (get rid of your stuff) (go for a make-under instead of a make-over) (downsize gym) (rules, rules and more ... rules) (general inspiration) (room for reflection) (the one touch phone) (inspiration from third-world countries) (Introduction let go) (the one touch phone) (simplicity can improve your health) (get rid of your stuff) (take a book, leave a book) (take a book, leave a book) (Mindfulness Bell) (It’s a nearling) (go for a wonderwalk) (simplicity can improve your health) (Call 311) (Do a pecha kucha) (simplicity can improve your health) (flying high by offering less) (story of the starfish) (the Global Brand Simplicity Index) (six-word memoirs) (comparison sites) (flying high by offering less) (general inspiration) (meetings) (get rid of your stuff) (the one touch phone) (get rid of your stuff) (lessons from improv) (Flip the Funnel) (Activity Based Working) (a prototype is worth a thousand meetings) (go for a make-under instead of a make-over) (the single dish menu) (The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife) (general inspiration) (general inspiration)

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